It takes you on an enlightening  journey of what, where, how, when and who is Gratitude that can’t make you do anything other than smile.

Tricorn Books.


 “I wish to tell you what a wonderful piece of reading it is.

I find it most calming and reflective especially just before going to bed”

A Haley


“I thought your book was wonderful – was very impressed” Helen M


“From reading your lovely little book – with a BIG message – there has been a massive shift in my perception of life.


I knew of the power of gratitude of course … but not of the totality of that power.


Now I walk around being grateful for every breath, for every footstep, for every moment of vision, for literally everything.


And as I am more and more grateful so I become happier and happier!


Such a blessing. There are no words to fully express the depth of this wonderful gift you have brought into the world and bestowed upon me.”    Leo