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Gratitude Stood Next To Me

Spring Magic


I looked around the room and didn’t recognise anyone. It was strange going somewhere and not knowing who was going to attend. Chatting away to strangers can be so interesting and enlightening and takes you away from the things on your mind and gives you a welcome break from the worries of the world.

So many stories of life and sharing your own one puts things back into perspective. I realised as I was reflecting on the day, that Gratitude had been standing right next to me, my old friend was supporting me, as I felt thankful for the day and for the people I had met.

I am so grateful for everyone I have ever met, they have helped to shape me to be who I am and where I am now. The challenges and triumphs have been stepping stones in life and I am sure ahead there will be many more.

So just for today, remember gratitude is right next to you too – remember to be grateful for all the special moments in your life, the joy of friendship, the joy that animals can bring into your life and the joy of Spring flowers, sparkling in the sunlight and shedding a golden glow out into the garden.


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Peaceful and Thankful


So many ways to be thankful for a new day. A fresh and bright day waiting to be filled with new thoughts, ideas and thankfulness.

As yet, unwritten, the adventures of you stepping gently through the present, being in the moment.

Being peaceful for a moment, simply being.  Noticing so many things you don’t normally notice. Drinking up the nectar of gratitude for this time.

Be who you are today and in being, take a moment to be peaceful and thankful.


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Happiness Comes With Gratitude

Where is happiness? How can I get some?  Interesting questions, as I have read many people search for it all their lives and never find it. Yet, happiness comes from within us. It is something we have if we take some time to reflect on what we have; and who we are; and to remember our journey in life so far.

If we are grateful for what we have and focus on these things, you will feel so much stronger and happier in who you are.

If we give more gratitude to those around us, we can feel happier because of it.

Allow others to be grateful for what you do for them – accept it as a gift and just say thank you. Hold it to you and let it resonate within you.


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Have a Day Filled With Gratitude

As you wake up and your feet touch the floor – be thankful for the new day. It is a clean sheet of paper ready for you to write some great things on.

As you eat your breakfast, be thankful for what you have and where you are today.

As you go about your daily routines, be thankful for them, they get you going each day.

As you come to the end of the day, reflect on all that was great today, say them to yourself, shout them out, write them down.  Be thankful for all that was good for you today.

Just before you go to sleep – be grateful for your day and count your blessings.


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Gratitude Gives You More

As you give out more thanks and gratitude to those around you and be thankful for what you have, who you are and what’s around you each day. You may discover that you feel differently and find yourself more relaxed and focused on what you want.

Let the beauty of gratitude resonate around you each day and discover how your life enfolds in a magical and exciting way.

Gratitude gives you so much more..


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