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Thoughts of Gratitude

Each morning a great way to start the day is think about what you are grateful for today.

Just take a minute to list a few out loud if you can or quietly in your head.

Celebrate them and be thankful for them.

They can be small things and ones that are true to you.

Notice how this makes you feel.

Let it become a habit for you by taking a minute a day for 21 days by asking this question each morning.



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Switch Your Thoughts With Gratitude

Sometimes in the night you can wake up and your brain starts to whirl and bring in things to worry about.

A trick that works for me, is when this happens, start to list things that you are thankful and grateful for. If the worry starts to creep back in, gently move your thoughts onto one specific thing you are grateful for and bring it more into focus and explore the reasons why you are grateful.

Build an army of things that you are thankful for and whenever you need them, bring them into conscious thought.

Perhaps write them down, so you can grab the list when you need to remind yourself.

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