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"Bags of Gratitude"

Being thankful each day..

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Looking out to Gratitude

Looking out to Gratitude each day, brings back feelings of joy and contentment with what you have.

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Thoughts of Gratitude

Each morning a great way to start the day is think about what you are grateful for today.

Just take a minute to list a few out loud if you can or quietly in your head.

Celebrate them and be thankful for them.

They can be small things and ones that are true to you.

Notice how this makes you feel.

Let it become a habit for you by taking a minute a day for 21 days by asking this question each morning.



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Peaceful Gratitude

Taking a walk in our beautiful countryside is one way of having time to think about all the things you are grateful for – big and small. Admiring the flowers and the shades of green across the fields is amazing. The gently breeze and the bright sunshine lifts the spirits and makes the day feel so special.

The different types of majestic trees, the sound of the birds singing and the rugged pathway through the countryside – it’s there for all of us to enjoy, when we take a moment to get out there and make the most of the day.


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Gratitude in my Heart


I am so thankful for today, it is a new day, sunny, friendly, embracing. I woke up with a smile on my face. I am grateful for everyone that cares about me, spends time with me, remembers me. I send out thanks into the world today for simply being here.

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Peaceful and Thankful


So many ways to be thankful for a new day. A fresh and bright day waiting to be filled with new thoughts, ideas and thankfulness.

As yet, unwritten, the adventures of you stepping gently through the present, being in the moment.

Being peaceful for a moment, simply being.  Noticing so many things you don’t normally notice. Drinking up the nectar of gratitude for this time.

Be who you are today and in being, take a moment to be peaceful and thankful.


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Feeling Grateful for Autumn


The smell of the leaves on the grass and the feel of coolness in the air, makes me feel happy it’s Autumn. There is something so special with the different seasons we have in the UK. They all offer something different in the garden and out and about when we are off walking.

The fruits of the season now, the lovely crisp apples, the last of the pears and the vegetables in the garden patch, so grateful for all of them.

Even the mist in the morning, creates a mystery about the day ahead. A lovely crunchy frost, that lights up the world and reminds us that Christmas is not far away now!


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Your Weekend of Gratitude


Indulging in some relaxation for the end of November

December coming soon now

Giving season is nearly upon us

Reminding us of things we need to do and actions to take

Taking in the tunes for the big day

Under the Xmas tree deciding the colours for this year

Enjoying it all.

Being grateful for this time of year.


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Tune up for Gratitude

Like a tuning fork, tuning up an instrument, it helps to tune up for gratitude.

Get on the best frequency possible so all the great gratitude waves roll towards you today. Be sure to send out lots of grateful  thoughts for all your blessings in your life and let your day tune into the positive energy as it abounds around you.


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Remember – So Grateful



For all those who have gone before us and leave us with a legacy of life and living.

Today I am so grateful for all of them. Thank you.

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Have a Day Filled With Gratitude

As you wake up and your feet touch the floor – be thankful for the new day. It is a clean sheet of paper ready for you to write some great things on.

As you eat your breakfast, be thankful for what you have and where you are today.

As you go about your daily routines, be thankful for them, they get you going each day.

As you come to the end of the day, reflect on all that was great today, say them to yourself, shout them out, write them down.  Be thankful for all that was good for you today.

Just before you go to sleep – be grateful for your day and count your blessings.


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