Stepping into a new year is exciting, scary, thought provoking and fun! There are so many potential new pages to write onto and opportunities to create new experiences and new ventures.

I am thankful for last year and all the learning it brought to me. For the different people I have met and the places I have visited. The excitement of publishing my first book and the feeling it gave me to see the words in print. All the support from my family and friends – truly amazing.

Let GRATITUDE unfold..

Getting into gear today as the new year begins to unfold

Realising time is so precious, so to use it well

All ideas to form part of the journey this year

Taking time to relax and enjoy life

Inspirations to grow and develop

Tuning into our intuition more

Understanding the lessons and how they shape us

Deciding to do more, be more

Enhancing the pathway and being present each day.


Happy 2017


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