Time passes by so fast and it is a while now since I added to my gratitude site.

So today, a true short story for you, from our recent holiday.  We were wandering around a little town in Spain, exploring the sites and enjoying the sunshine. When we came to a small Spanish bar and decided it was time to have a drink and a sit down.

My partner went off into the bar and I settled down on a shaded table waiting for a nice cold drink.

An elderly gentleman approached the table and headed for the chair next to me, where our bags were, so I indicated the other two spare chairs and smiled. He was obviously a local as he knew the staff and asked for his drink – I couldn’t understand what it was as my Spanish is very basic.

My partner returned just as all the drinks were delivered to the table. The gentleman reached into his wallet and indicated all three drinks and gave the barman the money. When the barman returned he confirmed the gentleman had also paid for our drinks.

We tried to converse with the elderly gentleman but he couldn’t speak any English and our Spanish was too basic. Se we shook his hand and thanked him. This complete stranger had bought us both a drink. We were so touched by his kindness.

Once he had finished his drink, the elderly gentleman left us and waved goodbye. We stayed a little longer then headed back along the road. I kept my eye open in case we saw him again and sure enough further down the road he had stopped at a café and had in front of him a plate of chips. We waved hello to him and smiled, he waved back.

Sometimes, in a magical moment, gratitude comes back at you in the most unexpected way. I will remember this for a long time, as it was so special and so kind. I send this gentleman a big gratitude hug and wish him well.