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Where is Gratitude?

It sits on your shoulder

It waits for you in patience

It fills you with warmth

It watches activities

It gives you a hug

It’s always there


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Valuing Gratitude

As with the pound in your pocket

The silver bracelet around your wrist

The photos of loved ones

The birds outside your window singing

The food on your plate

Your precious child

The animals you look after

The stories you write and share

The painting you sold

The phone call from a friend

The gift of someone’s time

The smile from a stranger

The surprise for your birthday

The book that you enjoyed

How do you value gratitude?


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Understanding Gratitude

As you remember each day what you are grateful for and remember to thank other when they do things for you and help you, the more you will come to understand the power of gratitude in your life.


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Tune up for Gratitude

Like a tuning fork, tuning up an instrument, it helps to tune up for gratitude.

Get on the best frequency possible so all the great gratitude waves roll towards you today. Be sure to send out lots of grateful  thoughts for all your blessings in your life and let your day tune into the positive energy as it abounds around you.


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Searching for Gratitude

‘Today is the day to search for gratitude’, said the wise, ‘today is the present of today and it will never come again in the same form.  There will be some things today that will make you smile and laugh, some things that may challenge you, yet the way you treat them all will shape you.’

The wise went on to say ‘ Every moment of every day is a treat within the present, it can be seen as something good that lights your path. Sometimes you may feel unbalanced and that’s part of being human. They all work together to create the tapestry of your life. The colours can be bright or subdued, the sun can be giving you warmth or too much heat, the moon providing light or keeping you awake. All things are perceived in different ways depending on how you view today.

Turn on your searchlight now and discover the hidden gratitude within you. Spot the great things you have, have had, people you have met, will meet, the dreams you have and the ones already fulfilled. The world outside of you that is there each day like a new leaf, the world within you that nourishes you and takes you on your journey into life each day.

Make the most of the gift of today, it is yours alone to shape as you want to, be brave, be strong, be centred and have some fun along the way. Unwrap the present with care, create the gift of gratitude and search now and make it the best day for you, today.’


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Remember – So Grateful



For all those who have gone before us and leave us with a legacy of life and living.

Today I am so grateful for all of them. Thank you.

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Prosperity and Gratitude

Being thankful for all you have and realising your personal resources, which are inside of you, gives us insight of our personal prosperity. We are all rich, maybe not in money, but in ourselves and all we have each day in our life.

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Open up to Gratitude

Like a flower that opens to the sunshine, if you open up to gratitude it can bring so much colour and energy into your life. The warmth it creates and the light it can bring in the darkest day, is so worth it.

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Gratitude Notebook


It is so easy to forget the things you have in your life that you are grateful for each day.

One way to help us, is to use a notebook to jot down all the things you are grateful for, so you have a record of them. You can add to the list each day in your quiet moment of contemplation.

This gratitude notebook is always there for you, to remind you of them and to add to them. It can be a great source of energy and positivity, when you need it to be.

Do you have a gratitude notebook?


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Gratitude Memories

It can help sometimes, to set aside five minutes a day to remember all the things you are grateful for.  It is so easy to forget things that have happened or things that have made you smile in the day, or things that have been given to you.

Memories of gratitude are precious and can be wrapped into your heart each day in just a few minutes.

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